About the Merushatim

After hiring tons of people - especially tech execs - in the past 10 years, I decided to launch Merushatim.com as a community portal for Hebrew-speaking professionals in the US. This Israeli US expatriate’s community portal is here to proactively assist all members with their professional career and business related needs.

Hundreds of smaller startups and tens of mid-size Israeli-owned entities in the US understand that in order for them to have clear lines of communication with R&D, Management and other groups at home, they need people who understand both cultures.
The bigger companies might have the budget to engage with placement-agencies, recruiters and head-hunters when looking for new talents but Startups and companies that are looking to control cost will utilize this portal.

The Merushatim goal is to have the most comprehensive directory of Israeli profesionals in the US and to help Israeli-owned companies with their unique hiring needs at minimal cost.

As soon as you build your profile and join the group, we will update you with new opportunities that fit your level, skills and location.

Alex Berg
Co-Founder and COO